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Event Marketing

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Traditional Marketing Is Still Needed

Although the momentum has swung in the past decade to the internet and social media, traditional ways of marketing are going to remain important. Print and television advertising, product placement, point of purchase advertising, email marketing and even marketing contests will never go out of style. They will continue to reach large swathes of consumers. Companies will continue to sponsor sports and cultural events. If anything, these will grow in importance as brand loyalty becomes the key to success. Goodyear is not about to deflate its blimp!

Marketing is an inexact science and, as with the new media, cost overruns and errors of process can occur just as easily with the old tried-and-true methods of marketing. The good news is that reducing overhead costs doesn’t automatically have to mean cutbacks in staffing or promotional reach. It will pay to investigate outsourcing first as a way of saving money and increasing profits.



Canadian Custom Website Builders

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Canadian Custom Website Builders

Your website is probably the most valuable tool your company owns. It serves as a means through which potential customers are introduced to your enterprise and tells you how repeat customers keep up-to-date with your products and services. It’s also often the place where customers purchase your products or services. Your website should embody your brand; it should be a reflection of everything your company is and does. However, SME (small to medium size businesses) websites often have problems. Perhaps your company site was set up several years ago and hasn’t been evaluated recently. Maybe it no longer looks fresh or interesting, or maybe it doesn’t work well on mobile devices. Perhaps no one is available to do the ongoing work of blogging or updating copy. Maybe the checkout process is overly complex or frustrating. Perhaps your search engine strategy is out of date and your ranking suffers, or maybe you do not engage in social marketing. If you believe that your online presence needs rejuvenation, Canadian custom website builders will work with you to improve the reach and effectiveness of your company site.

Pinpointing Problems

In the 21st century, if you don’t have an online presence, a vast sector of the population will assume that you don’t exist. We use our computers to connect us to the real world, and when consumers are looking for a product, most will "Google it” to find out what their choices are. This means that no matter how great your product is, or how solid your reputation is – if your website looks bad, your company looks bad.
Working with an online marketing agency will help you to pinpoint problems with your current site and help your online branding. By analyzing the metrics of your site you will be able to see who is visiting, how long they’re staying, which pages they’re focusing on, and whether or not their visit resulted in a sale. You can also tell where the site visitors are from, as well as get other useful information. An expert website builder will also immediately identify mechanical areas in which the site may be lacking. Flow or navigation might not be smooth, for example; text might be too small or too large. Compatibility might be lacking. Too many steps may be required for customers to make a purchase.

Rejuvenating Online Presence

After your website builder has identified any possible problems with the current site and you have agreed on a brand redesign, it’s time for him/her to consult with your team to see how you can work together to renew the site and maximize its potential. First, look at the overall design of the site. You may need to commission a whole new design for online advertising, that better reflects your brand, or you may just opt for some "tweaking” in order to freshen the existing look. Whichever route you may choose, a professional looking design is crucial. Your new brand strategy should include social marketing on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.
Going through the copy on the site is another major consideration. Website copy is often convoluted or grammatically incorrect. It is essential to make sure that your site says what you want it to say.
Adding interactive elements and promotional videos or animations can increase site traffic, lead generation and add interest, as can linking your site to your social networking accounts.
And, of course, search engine optimization is crucial. You want customers to find your site quickly and easily when searching for the product or service you provide. Fortunately, many website builders are SEO wizards!
Partner with a Canadian custom website builder today for your digital marketing needs and increase the power of your online presence.